Kista February 13, 2023.

EME and Roland Werk has started a development and signed a production agreement for the next generation of Light Cargo Trailers. Roland Werk has placed purchase orders with first deliveries starting early this year.

The market for Cargo bike trailers that can be towed and handcart will be accelerating in coming years. The advantage of a cargo trailer that can be decopupled from the bike is obvious, it can be separately preloaded for business purpose or simply left when you do not need it or decide to use it with another bike. Compared to versions that integrates the bike and the cargo space it is more flexible and indicates a real paradigm shift.

The CEO of Roland Werk Heiko Plorinn says that combining EMEs unique platform and “a one stop shop” with our well proven designs for trailers will give us a leading position. As with all transport we see a strong trend to electrifying cargo bikes and with our new electrified trailers we can now make life both more comfortable and safer in many applications. As real alternative to regular Cars it makes a lot of financial sense.

Anders Nordzell, the CEO of EME comments that our motors, battery, electronics and sensors are well integrated in the Roland Werk trailers.
We are impressed with the quality and the flexibility of Roland Werks trailers. The fact that the bike rider can do this without feeling any weight of the load will make this trailer a big winner in the market. No weight No CO2.