Helping people move forward.

EME is an electric micro mobility company making everyday life easier for everyone using wheels.

We developed a unique platform for the light non-electrified products of today – and the electric vehicles of tomorrow, such as bike trailers and strollers. The platform is built on electric motors paired with our software system to be able to control movement, adjust usability and add comfort. This platform creates a unique combination of hardware and software, helping people move forward. 

It allows you to push/pull or tow your trailer or stroller without feeling any weight. Downhill it controls your braking need. 

A new wave of sustainability.

Our ambitions are big. Not only does EME have the possibility to re-imagine how we see and use micro-mobility in general – it above all creates a more sustainable way of living.
Our goal is not only to reduce the number of fossil-driven transportations on the streets, but also to help minimizing the congestions in our cities. Already today electric vehicles of all sizes are becoming a strong alternative for urban transportation.

It’s a new wave of sustainability, and we are ahead of the curve.


A tech-partner for an electrified future.

We are imagining a future urban landscape where our platform can be implemented in most of our last-mile transportations.

Individuals are increasingly looking for transportation for both people and goods with alternative transportation means that are financially sound, eco-friendly with increased comfort and safety.
That’s exactly what our technology empowers – and wants to do globally.


An electrified future.