Stockholm, Sweden September 8, 2022.

EME becomes technology partner with Thule to supply battery-powered motorized platform for upcoming launch of a new Thule premium battery-powered bike trailer

EME (Electro Mobility Europe AB), the Swedish motorizing platform company for Light Electric Vehicles (LEV’s) has over the last 5 years developed a technology platform that enables consumer brand companies in the space of urban mobility to motorize their products with an intelligent battery-powered motorized technology platform.

The first commercialization partner will be the world leader in premium child bike trailers, Thule, as showcased via a concept trailer presentation by Thule at the international Kind+Jugend fair in Cologne, Germany in September 2022. The EME technology platform will be integrated into a new premium Thule bike trailer to be introduced in 2023. This agreement marks the world’s first major technology collaboration from the bike trailer industry, the electric motor and electronics industry.

The cooperation between the technical team at EME and Thule, with their vast knowledge of bike trailers and consumer behaviors, has enabled the development battery-powered bike trailer concept that has been tested extensively in all sorts of commuting situations and with a wide array of features in order to determine which features that generate most benefits for parents.

Thule consumer research has confirmed initial expectations that in terms of using the battery, the most appreciated feature was the “weightless mode”, which in practice means that the motorized wheels would communicate with the bike via interfaces on the trailer tow-bar and the bikes pedals to ensure that the same energy deployed to just bring the bike forward would be all that was needed also when pulling the bike trailer. Other appreciated features have been the possibility to have “boost” mode that could help when biking in steep uphill situations. Also less important features have been tested, like the use of the motorized wheels when pushing uphill in stroller mode of the product.

The feedback in regards to hassle-free use in regards of how to bring and charge batteries and how to get battery power levels from an app, brake lights, etc have also been evaluated.

“A well-designed e-trailer combines a light environmental footprint with increased comfort and economy compared to all other kinds of commuting solutions with small children. By combining the market leading position we have with Thule bike trailers today, with EME’s pioneering platform for LEV’s we see an opportunity to propel growth of sustainable electric mobility in society”, says Magnus Welander, CEO Thule Group.

“Thule has been the perfect first partner for us and I am fascinated by the way Thule strives to meet quality standards and sustainability demands enabling a comfortable and safe transport alternative for everyone. Based on our vision and patents our world class team of mechanical, hardware and software engineers has developed an intelligent and flexible platform. The same platform will allow many different applications for many different products on wheels in future years”, says Roland Andersson, Founder and Chairman of EME.

“The EME technology platform includes all necessary software, motors, electronics, sensors, battery, app and over the air communication. Significant safety work and certifications will change the way LEV-transport of people and goods will happen in the future. Light vehicles like bike trailers represent a serious alternative to cars for short trips which are the worst trips from a CO2 emission point of view. Marrying our efficient platform with bike trailers presents a real alternative to cars.”, says Anders Nordzell, EME CEO.